Sunday, March 3, 2013


  My mother loves plants and Orchids the most. I grew up seeing her tend to her garden especially on weekends. When she told me that there's an Orchid show by the Philippine Orchid Society, we didn't pass up the chance to visit it.

The 67th Annual Orchid & Garden Show was held at Quezon City Circle, and ran from February 28-Mar 11th. The Theme is " Philippine Orchid Species Revisited". They have competitions for Orchids & Garden Exhibits, free lectures and stalls selling a variety of plants.

The Philippines is such a blessed country and very rich in resources. Within the lush rain forests grow several plants endemic only to the Philippines, and the Orchid species are one of them.

Even our national flower is an Orchid, namely the Waling-Waling or Euanthe sanderiana.

Orchids are very beautiful, colorful and exotic. Here are some photos to inspire you to collect and love Orchids and other native plants as well. :)

paphiopedilum fowliei



grammatophyllum multiflorum var critinum


Venus Fly Trap



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  1. My husband recently visited Singapore and he showed me the pic of Garden by the bay.It was so nice. Now after reading your blog I too want to visit this place.