Thursday, December 29, 2011

Carabao Island, Romblon

 Last time, I spent my Christmas Holiday with my friend Teff in Boracay. It was "super" peak season so you can imagine the massive number of local & foreign tourists. After a day spending time island hopping in the island's vicinity, we decided to visit Carabao Island which lies North of Boracay Island.

Carabao Island is also known as Hambil Island; a part of San Jose, Romblon. We rented a motor boat and traveled  more than 30 minutes to reach the place. I like the place for several reasons. The scenery along the island is fantastic. There weren't tall mountains as backdrop, but the rock formations along the island are quite interesting. There's a lush green amidst the rocks.  The sea forms karsts and caves.

From afar, the island seem uninhabited. The beach was almost empty aside from the cool kids playing around. Alas, when we strolled along the beach, it was total freedom. 

There were several homes & structures along the narrow dirt road parallel to the beach which all seem empty.  We stopped by the small market to buy fish for lunch. There isn't a reliable power source in the island. Their local government is still figuring it out. 

We talked with our boatmen who lives in the island. They belong in a big family. We met their mother, and they say most of the residents in Carabao Island are working in Boracay. She has 9 children, some are already married and some are still kids. We just hope that tourism in the place shall provide them better opportunities. 

While hanging around a small hut, we tried on some fresh Coconuts while enjoying hearing the stories of the local life.

Everything seemed to move slow. We were merely watching the clouds pass by. It was very relaxing.

On our way back, we spend some time in Puka Beach, which is my favorite spot in Boracay. 

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