Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mayon Volcano Adventure

We went to explore the volcano the next day. We hopped on our rented ATV to reach the Lava Rock Wall. It's so cool to be riding on one. It's bumpy & just an adventure itself. The wall is a part of the recent eruption, good thing it stopped and froze half way if not it would definitely wipe out villages.

 We hiked up the Lava wall which seemed to be more than 5 storeys high. It's a steep climb. Once we reach the top, we saw a vast ocean of volcanic rocks in different sizes. From afar and from photos, we may think it's pure molten Lava but up close it's made up of millions of rocks. It's a river of rocks flowing out of the mouth of the volcano. At the right side of the volcano, we can see a portion with rocks still steaming hot. According to the guide it will take 3 years till it's safe to visit that sight.
The cool thing we did was ride a zip line from the Lava Wall to the base. It was just a make shift zip line but it looked sound. On our way back we took the path which seemed like a dried out river bed. I can imagine that it was where the flash floods from the volcano passed through.

Before heading back we passed by Albay Park & Wildife and was able to watch how a Python eats it' prey.  That night we had dinner at Colonial Grill and sampled their famous Chili Ice Cream. It instantly became my favorite. It taste creamy and rich but the spice comes trailing down your throat.

Colonial Grill Chili Ice Cream

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  1. Wow! This seems like such an interesting travel opportunity! All the activities seem really fun, I just hope to do teh same one day and follow your footsteps.