Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ligñon Hill & Sto. Domingo Black Sand Beach

 On our second day, we woke up early for a walk up to Ligñon Hill. The night before it rained so hard that it felt like a typhoon. Good thing we were blessed with a sunny weather that day. The hill lies beside the airport. It's a good place to view the volcano. The road going up is very steep, good for a morning cardio. 

Ligñon Hill
On our way up we passed by vendors selling native delicacies. We tried Binut-ong. sticky rice wrapped in Banana Leaves. At the top, there are commercial areas with small food stalls and seats where people can hang out. I even tried the zip line which seems to be rickety. We spend our morning, relaxing up there.

Mayon Volcano


  That afternoon, we went to Sto. Domingo to check the black sand beaches. We stayed at Mt. Mayon Spring Resort. It has a big pool and is just along the beach. The pool water is from the free flowing spring water from the volcano. Before taking a dip, we strolled along the black sand beach. There are several kids skim boarding.

Sto. Domingo Black Sand Beach

Mt. Mayon Spring Resort
On our way back to the city we wanted to eat at Waway's Restaurant. We were clueless on it's location but good thing the jeepney passed through it. They offer authentic Bicolano dishes. We tried their Lainf & Bicol Express. But to my taste it wasn't all that spicy.


Bicol Express

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