Sunday, October 24, 2010

Danao Bohol

From Cebu City, we took a fast ferry to Bohol. When we reached Tagbilaran we rented a van to take us to Danao Adventure Park which  is more than 2 hours away. With the boom of tourism in the Philippines, zip lines were built at most travel destinations.

 It was good for me, I love heights & speed & also good for my friends who are open to trying some adventure. I will always love it for it gives out such sense of freedom & the view will always take your breathe away.

It was a pleasant drive. We passed by the other side of the Chocolate Hills and lush green rice paddies. 

When we reached the park, we had to pay for our rides and too bad there was a long line so we weren't able to try the other types of adventures. We tried the Suislide, the name really didn't help the first timers. While waiting for our turn we watched a girl who tried "The Plunge". It's a mix of Bungee & swing in one. It seems scary but also exhilarating  The ledge was bent down letting the girl fall off to the gorge leaving her swinging for some time. It was really deep and you have to have a sharp eye to see her. They say it's about 40meters drop & it swings to 100meters or so. They also have a saying " Are you woman enough to do it?" because it's mostly the girls who try it.

The Plunge

Can you spot her?

We were waiting at the cottage for our turn. Though it was far from the Tagbilaran, Danao Adventure Park was packed that time.

Looking forward to it :)

The Tandem

It was my friend's first time. I told her "It will be scary for the first few seconds but when you are in the middle of the ride you will appreciate the view and the awesome feeling of flying." To cross the gorge it takes about a minute ride in more or less 500 meters. 

It was a fret that we weren't able to try the spelunking & the root climbing for we are running short of time. After the zip line  we visited the Organic Farm which is a project of the Mayor's mother. She showed us around & said they were just starting to propagate vegetables.

On our way back to the port, we visited Sagbayan Peak. The usual viewing deck is the one in Carmen. This view deck shows the other part of the large expanse of Chocolate Hills which consists of more than 1,700 mounds. At the base of the park, we visited a Tarsier home.  


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bantayan Island, Cebu

Bantayan has always been in my bucket list. I wanted to go so I asked my friends if they were interested. They already knew my itinerary "compact & tight scheduled". This time we are hitting two birds with one stone. Saturday morning, we all met at the airport. Once we arrived in Cebu, we took a cab to North Bus Terminal & took an ordinary bus to Bantayan. It was an extremely long ride, I really got bored. It was more than 3 hours to the usual 2-3 hrs. We're jam-packed inside the bus, then some guys gone rapping in Visayan dialect & they also sung Christmas carols for solicitations. The bus would stop from time to time to pick-up & drop off passengers, it felt like that every kilometer. My butt got numbed, I had to shift from side to side. I was getting anxious. The weather was weird also, it was really hot & it would rain hard in some parts of the travel. Several time we would close & open the windows. 

Bantayan Pier

And we reached the port just in time, we had to buy the tickets & board the ferry in 10 minutes. We were all tired & hungry and we still have 45 minutes of sea travel. We just watched "Snakes on the Plane" while eating cookies & Lanzones. My first impression of Bantayan Pier, was it was a lot like Siquijor. Both sides are bounded with white beaches.We met with Dodong, he drove us to Kota Beach Resort. It is has a nice beach with cottages lined up fronting the beach. It's a lovely scene, sunny, clear skies & calm sea.

Mural At Kota Beach

As for our hungry tummies, we headed to the restaurant, had Tapsilog, which was kind of disappointing, the meat was dried and tough. The other downside was there were lots of big flies flying around. After lunch, we enjoyed our time at the beach. Some parts of the resort had sea reeds. The water is warm and the beige sand is fine.

And that night, we decided to eat at The Portuguese, we truly enjoyed the buffet of fresh sea food, pasta & Filipino cuisines.  My office mates loved the fresh Crabs and Scallops. The rest of the night we lounged at the beach with some beer.

The next day, we rented a boat to take us to Virgin Island. It's just about 30 minutes ride. At the boat we got a view of Bantayan Island, it is really surrounded by white beach and lush Coconut trees. At the time we reached Virgin Island, the white sand was blinding amidst the gray cast sky. We swam for some time & lunched on super yummy grilled scallops and fish.

Virgin Island

Grilled Scallops

After the island hopping, we had to return to Cebu City. When we reached the port we literally ran to catch the bus. 

The next day, we took an early ferry to Bohol.