Sunday, August 22, 2010

Apo Island

Day 3 

On our way back,our van service was almost like flying trough the road. We reached the port and while I was walking towards the terminal, I heard my name called, and I saw Benz(my friend from high school) with her friends. It was a big surprise for both of us. It was a second time we catch up on travel. Imagine that we have 7107 islands and we meet right then and there. 

When we reached Dumaguete, Ma'am Cinch and I ventured on for Apo Island. The island boasts of its marine sanctuary. We took the public transport which is quite easy. We took an ordinary bus in front Robinsons Mall and asked the conductor to drop us off at Zambaonguita. From there we walked towards the dock. We passed by closed Nipa market stalls under the heat of the sun. At the docking area we had to wait for the boat, because all the boats had already gone to the island.

 But the locals were helpful, they tried their best to accommodate us. While on the boat to the island the sea is perfectly still. Apo Island is a small island with several big rocks along the beach. The beach is made of big black slippery rocks and crushed corals. We paid fees at the tourist office and had our guides for the snorkeling. I'm not much of a swimmer but I had the guts to do it. We met with our guide Romelo, who's a student. 

When I first dipped in the water and see the bottom I was astounded. It's really awesome, I felt like  I'm in a giant aquarium. I've never seen corals that are so alive and soft. They are dancing in the water. The water is pretty clear and it was low tide so we are able to see everything clearly. But Ma'am Cinch had a trouble with her life vest so she had to return to the shore. My guide and I ventured on exploring. It's really beautiful, I also got to see so many clown fish hovering around me. It's really a beautiful experience. I did get scared at times when I see that we are in the deep portion. But I have to compose myself not to panic.

After the fish sanctuary, we went to see the turtle sanctuary but didn't find any turtles. They say turtles feed there every morning. It is more or less 10 meters away from the shore. We also explored the other parts of the island like the cave, and the big rock protruding at sea. Brave kids jump off from that rock.

I'm used to squeezing in so much on every travel itinerary. This travel was so much fun, we got to see and do so much. I love the food(pastries), the islands, and also what's under the sea. Dumaguete is rich with its history and has its promising future, it being the seat of education. Siquijor, just mentioning it to others will stir fear, but this is proof. The place is gorgeous and it has so much to offer. All I can say is it's so LAID BACK. Apo Island on the other hand is just amazing. It's one time that I really enjoyed snorkeling and seeing the beauty in the deep. Because most of the times, when we snorkel it's just fish matched with almost dead corals and unhelpful strong undercurrent. Thumbs up to the sanctuary and to the people protecting it. Once again,more islands explored,cultures learned,fears conquered and more awesome scenery saved in my my country is beautiful" image bank.

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