Saturday, July 24, 2010

Arab Street

On our way to Phuket, we had a stop over at Singapore, so we decided to rent our room in the different side of the city. We decided to stay at Arab Street Area. There are several old structures colorfully painted. It is where Arab, Muslim & Malays mostly live. 

Besides the colorful architecture, we did not miss out on the authentic cuisine in the area, we had lunch at HjH Maimunah at Jalan Pisang Street. They have an array of traditional food and boasts of "Kampung" (Malay Village) style cuisines. Most of them are spicy but delicious.

You can't miss the Masjid Sultan Mosque in North Bridge Road. It's a beautiful experience waking up early and hearing the call echoing around the area. The tone of the humming has some soothing effect.

  The buildings area beautifully restored to their original classic design. Just walking around   gives you a feeling like you're in some place else. 

Different shops align the street surrounding the Mosque. Most shops sell colorful fabrics for their traditional clothing.

A few steps from where we stayed, there's a restaurant Al-Baik Mariam Restaurant. One late night we tried their Murtabak, a thin crepe with Mutton filling. The owner is friendly and gave us a Curry Sauce & said it goes great with it.

Murtabak with Mutton

 The view of the Masjid Sultan Mosque from the inn on a beautiful morning.
Superb Hub is old building was renovated and turned into a backpackers inn.  Due to local fire code, the walls of rooms are not floor to ceiling. It has an open space with several partitions, common toilets & pantry. I love the colored glass window panes it gives the classic look a kick. Beware that they have a guard dog, he might be small in size but has great talent in barking.:)

Beware of Dog(cute)

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