Sunday, July 25, 2010

Karon Phuket

  We flew from Singapore to Phuket Airport. There were long queues of Europeans at the immigration. And there is a big sign "No replicas of Buddha's allowed".  We haled a taxi to take us to the hotel. The roads where like Davao's but with different calligraphy/signs. There are three major beaches in Phuket, namely Patong, Karon & Kata. We opted for Karon Beach, the more laid back one. It is noy to commercialized and busy compared to Patong. We rented a taxi to Phuket Island View Hotel in Karon. There are religious objects & flowers hanging in his rear view mirror same as what we have here in the Philippines. The driver was playing a Christian Bautista song, it goes to show that music is universal. :) It rained hard that day. 

After we checked in at the hotel, we strolled along the beach. There are red flags so it means no swimming, the surfs are deadly. The sand is fine and deep beige color. We had late lunch at Sorrento Italian Restaurant, the Lasagna and prawn pasta tastes good. The Sprite in can has a hint of herb in it. Does anyone observe that? that at every country the soda tastes different.

The next day was Grace's birthday, we woke up early and enjoyed the buffet breakfast facing the beach. In front of the dining area there is little altar with beautiful colorful lilies.

 After-which  we walked to Kata Beach,just south of the road. The sand there is lighter in color & there are some trash at the beach . We saw someone doing yoga at the beach. There's a big carcass of a jelly fish and was able to take a photo of the "smiling crab". At the end of the beach, Japanese guys were surfing. 

On our way back, it was Gracey's birthday so we passed by Starbucks bought a Banofee which is the closest we've got that can pass for a cake. Though it was not sunny, it was really a relaxing day, nothing to do. The rest of the day we hanged out by the pool, & read a book. 

For lunch we looked for an authentic Thai Restaurant. We ate Green Curry Chicken & Tomyum soup, both with a kick of spice. Karon is not packed with tourists compared to Patong. We planned to go to Ko Phi Phi the next day and booked a ferry from a roadside vendor.

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