Monday, December 28, 2009

El Nido Day 3 Island Hopping Tour D

We are not much a fan of snorkeling so we decided to take the Tour D which took us to six beaches. The first hop was in Helicopter of Dilumacad Island. It got its name from its shape. It's just great because we had it all to ourselves. The beach is facing East so the sand glistened. 

We didn’t want to go yet, but the boatmen needed to take us to Cadlao Lagoon. It's far better than the big & small lagoon. Its deep emerald waters are surrounded by sharp lime rock walls. We swam to our hearts content. I twice accidentally kicked a big fish. 

Cadlao Lagoon
We headed for Pasandigan Beach after. There are two beaches, we had lunch on the first one & also visited the second one. Again it was empty. I think it has the finest & whitest sand judging from the beaches we visited in El Nido. 

Pasandigan Beach

The fourth site we went to is the Paradise Beach, a small strip of beach. We hid behind the big rock formation, while the small fish swam around us. 

Paradise Beach

Then we went to NatNat Beach, it's a large cove, a few kilometers in expanse. It was all natural, with debris of the trees. It's like a beach that one can imagine to be swept ashore. There's a big tree that looks like a bonsai tree. It was clinging onto a big rock.

NatNat Beach

There's also a weird looking fruit. The last beach is at the Bocal Island. Its a small strip, the water pretty cold. It was hiding behind the big island with really lush forests.
Bocal Island

The next day, the day before New Year's Eve, we went back to Puerto Princesa arrived at 2pm. We headed at a restaurant enjoyed sandwiches, sago & gulaman & had sundaes for desert. That night we also had food feast at Kinabuch.

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  1. So beautiful! I don't mind a beach overdose. Can't wait to get to the beach again under a perfect weather even when it's raining.