Sunday, December 27, 2009

El Nido Day 2 Island Hopping Tour A

On the next day like what I always do in every place I go to, I hunt for the sunrise. I strolled along the beach, though it was on the western side I enjoyed the soft hues the sun gave. Then I decided to go to the cemetery alone, & see if it was scary or what... A black dog suddenly came walking by my side. I sometimes talked to the dog, because I like dogs. 

We also passed by a dog playing with her puppies, really cute. When I walked around the bend, just when I reached the cemetery the black dog disappeared. It wasn’t a scary site at all, what's funny is it located at a prime site, has its own beach overlooking the sea.

 I headed back to the resort for our island hopping. We're really looking forward to what El Nido has to offer. We sailed along the deep green sea, passing by the massive lime cliffs on the scattered islands. We first visited the small lagoon. 

We had to swim to the other side to the enclosed portion of the lagoon. We stayed in the shallow center. We floated looking around the beautiful rock walls. On our way back to the boat, we saw two clown fish playing around; they're really, really small. We went to the Big Lagoon after. We just sailed around the deep emerald lagoon. 

Then we headed to Payong-payong Beach just across Miniloc Resort, & went to Simizu Beach after. Fish gathered around us. 

Payong Payong Beach

Simizu Beach

We crossed to the other beach, passing under the sharp lime rocks. We also had our simple lunch of grilled fish there. The next stop was at the Secret Lagoon, we had to crawl through a small opening to get there.  But the Hidden Beach is wonderful.

Secret Lagoon

Hidden Beach

Our last hop was at Seven Commando Beach, it reminded me so much of Calaguas Mahabang Buhangin Beach. It has the same sea & sand color. It's beautiful but we opt not to take a dip, because it was too hot. We just wished we went there early in the morning instead of mid afternoon; we could have enjoyed it better.

Seven Commandos Beach

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