Friday, August 21, 2009

Wuyi County, Zhiajang, China

I woke up early but lost track of time. Again, we rushed to the train Hangzhou Train Station. It's a good thing we weren't  late or else they will blame me. hehe. The train to Wuyi is comfortable, we enjoyed the sights while snacking on rice crackers. There was one incident, a girl sat across Jia-Jia, she seemed disoriented and she wasn't wearing any shoes. Jia-jia spoke to her and then she gave her own slippers to her. She even lend her cellphone Jia is so kind, and we love her for being jolly & outgoing.

Ma Zong(Ma-means boss) fetched us at the Wuyi Train station and brought us to the HongmaTimes Plaza Hotel. We are all squeezed in his car. Wuyi is a county of Zhiajang. I really love the place, it is so laid back but still modern, with only few people walking around. We met up with Tom, Ma Zong's staff. He speaks in fluent English which is a good thing. He took us to a local seafood restaurant. We rode their local tricycle going there. We took time in ordering food with the help of Jia-Jia & Tom. We passed ordering the coiled up snake.The food is delicious, we love the Bamboo Shells and the soup with dumplings and string mushrooms. The food is mildly spicy.One thing I noticed is that the Chinese like drinking milk during their meals. 

With my travel buddy Ma'am Cinch in the rickshaw

After filling our tummies, we went to Shuxi Bridge,it is 800 hundred years old and made out of wood and red clay roof. But before we reached the bridge, we had our fortunes told by the weird looking guy. Jia-Jia opened a pamphlet with drawings on it, it signifies" moving on", which she can relate to. I tried the sticks that had writings and corresponds to the writings on a small book. It said that - finding success away from my hometown, good marriage but I have to wait. People hang out on the bridge. Tom said the park infront of it was built 2 years ago. Development & construction in China is fast.We passed by a tea house to buy their local tea.

Shuxi Bridge

 It was already late afternoon when we went to Mt. Wuyi for the white water rafting, but we were too late, so we decided to trek in the bamboo forest instead. Hiking up was a pleasant and tiring experience. There are several massive rock formation, some caves & Buddha Sculptures. There's a big rock wall where a rushing waterfall is situated, it was summer so there's only trickling water. We hesitated to move forward with the climb, but I suggested we push through than to get back to where we started. I had to climb up a very steep steel ladder.

When I reached the top I called and shouted on them but they weren't able to hear me. I noticed another ladder, & when I looked down I saw them, they were about to mount on the scary & very steep & long steel ladder. I suggested that they take the easier route I took. One by one, panting and hearts pounding, they succeeded in doing the ordeal. We rested for a while on the view deck, then started to climb down again, at least we reached the base just in time. Tired and hungry we ate some of the smelly meat kebabs and Blue Berry ice Popsicle  while the messy Pekingese dog looks up.

 Ma Zong drove us to the restaurant for dinner. It's Dave's favorite place. The food is great. I love the veggies with yellow stuff, even the eggplants tasted good, even the Espada Fish(Beltfish). Ma Zong & his wife joined us in that filling dinner. When we walked out of the restaurant, there's a reindeer in a cage, hmmm, the reason why Santa never came by our house. hehe. The deer is in the menu I guess same with its goat buddy.

  After which, he took us to the Qing Hot Spring, which is far from the usual hot spring. We never expected it to be that "grand". It's a  hot spring and an amusement park in one. We weren't allowed to take photos inside. It's truly bliss for our tired muscles. We first tried the 42 deg hot spring, then the pool with waves. I love the small pools with different essences.The flavors ranges from milk, coffee, Chinese Herbs and flowers. We even tried the hot beds. And who will forget the fish spa, we were all tickled by all those fish.


  1. I have seen these before, enjoyed them then, enjoy them now. And hope one day to visit these myself as well as other places in Asia. So beautiful and inspiring.

    1. Thanks Rick. I had to repost it, the first website where I post my travelogues changed their format so I have to revive it here. Yes, Wuyi is such a beautiful place, & it's so laid back. You will truly enjoy Asia.