Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cayucyucan Island Hopping

We went straight to Palm Farm Resort after lunch. When we reached the resort, it's low tide, so we had to walk some distance to reach the boat. I was hoping to see Apuao Grande under the bright sun but then again, as we began our island hopping, the dark clouds gathered along the horizon and it promised us rain. 

We were at Caringo Island when the unfavorable happened. The storm came, the rain went poring hard. We meant really hard, it hurt when the drops hit our skins. Good thing, we took shelter at the school, then Edwin called us. We were invited by the generous barangay captain for coffee at his place, that is Filipino hospitality. When the fierce rain stopped, Jerome & Ryan came. Jerome was shivering and Ryan was jokingly cursing. He said they waited in the boat for us and we were just there getting all warm and cozy back there.

The weather is very unreliable, but then again we had to do everything we can about it. When the rain stopped, we continued with the activity. There was a brilliant red sunset. Edwin, (the seaman), told me that if we encounter red skies in the afternoon, it meant that it would be sunny the next day, but if we encountered red skies in the morning, it will be rainy. I can't remember his exact words. Pardon me for that. He is like Ernie Baron, as I've already told him. He always have some kind of info or trivia. It was getting dark when we reached Malasugui Island. The water there is warm. The sand bar is very different from our trip before. Before it is made out of fine sand, now it's made out of coarse crushed corals. It was getting late so we had to return to the resort. At some point, the waves got a bit higher. Ate Avic commented that we look like refugees escaping in the dead of the night. At least,we reached the resort safely.

On the 3rd day(last day), I woke up Ate Avic at 4:30am. She also has the "Dora the Explorer" syndrome.  We strolled along the beach to the mouth of the river. It was low tide once again. So we were able to walk to the sand bars in the middle. We watched the sun rise slowly floating above the soft clouds. We even got to name cloud formations. When the tide was getting higher, we ran after the rubber slippers that are being swept away. We don't want the river to swallow us so we headed back to the shore. Ate Avic and I continued collecting shells. There was this unique looking shell, it looked like a piece of wood.

 Back at the resort, I was taking photos. I played with the beautiful red and yellow flowers. I accidentally took a shot of Manong fixing the nets., which became  one of my favorite photos. I also took Ate Avic's photo where she looked like a Sea Goddess.

sea hibiscus

The original plan for the day was the hike to the falls, but it's unsafe due to the rain the night before. So we had plan B, which was to have a swim, picnic and rappel at the Hanging Bridge. We were still lucky because we were able to bath in the river before it rained again. The rain flood made the river water murky and muddy. We vacated the huts in fear of a flash flood. While waiting, Ate Avic and I crossed the bridge and hiked up the concrete steps. As soon as we reached the top, she sang " A Whole New World". There's a vast field up there, a small vegetable farm and different kinds of grass/weeds. We had to go back to the group when a young girl called our attention.

We were on our last resort. Melvic decided that we'll have picnic at their farm. It was weird though, because it didn't rain in the other areas. When we reached there place, they had set up the food under the mango tree. We feasted on Ryan's lovely dishes. He prepared Crabs cooked in Coconut milk and Chicken cooked in tomato sauce with pineapples. After getting our tummies full, we roamed around the place. The others picked Pili Nuts, while Ate Avic picked some Balimbing.(star fruit)

At the end of the trip, we passed by the Municipal Hall. Donna, Rachel and the guys went to Rizal Monument with Ma'am Cinch. We even bought pasalubong from the market and  Nene's Store.

That night before we went home to Manila, we had dinner with Kuya BocBoc and Ate Onyang at Graceland. For me, Graceland is like Jollibee combined with Red Ribbon. They even have a red bird mascot.

I think this is the Finale of my summer trips. The cherry on top. Though it rained for most of the time, we were still lucky to have enjoyed our stay in Calaguas on such a sunny day. I'm also happy to have met new people. To Melvic and the guys, thank you again for letting us enjoy our travels without the hassles.

If you want to see the beauty of Calaguas & other Camarines Norte sites, don't hesitate to contact Melvic Brinas.

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