Friday, May 1, 2009

Daet & Paracale

We planned to go Calaguas but the weather went crazy. I asked Ma'am Cinch to get Plan B from Melvic, because rain or shine we will go with the scheduled trip. Good thing they were prepared. I always thought twice of going to the Bicol Region because there's always typhoon and so and so. But I had to accept that fact and went on with it .At least this time it's an all out authentic travel. Ma'am Cinch, Ate Avic, Kuya Peter and I took the almost 8 hours bus trip. There were news of unpassable roads and bridges but then again after freezing our butts in the long ride we reached Daet, Camarines Norte that rainy morning. There was only 10% probability us of keeping dry the whole day. We had a filling breakfast at Yu Residence, where Melvic  picked us up for the whole day for a historical/ cultural discovery.

Our first hop was at the first Rizal Monument. It is very unique, far form the usual monuments with Rizal standing staight on his pedestal, it's a big block with a star. I never had a chance to ask what the star is for. 

We passed by the Capitol. The chandeliers have some pineapple ornaments. Daet's main product is Pineapple. And I've learned that the "walis"(broom) and other products from Baguio are from there.

 Ther rain poured hard while we continued to see other sites. We struggled with our rain coats, umbrellas while Kuya Peter opted to wear a trash bag, which made him look like a saint/martyr, almost reminded us of St. Francis. We visited St. John The Baptist Church, there is a front portion of the old church retained. We passed by very wet roads, it that didn't stopped us. We even had a stop over to see Monsignor Espedido in Fatima Convent in Vinzons, a soft spoken folk, a relative of Ma'am Cinch. 
 We also visited the first the church in Vinzons I think the oldest in Camarines Norte), also passed by the Wenceslao Vinzons Shrine.I'm not familiar with him, but he was known to lead the fight against the Japs during the WW2.

 Then we went to Labo to eat lunch near the Labo River. We drove to Doña Eusebia, an open air restaurant beside the Labo River. The place is so green, lush big trees and there are even plants that are new to me. And it was my first time to see Pili Trees up close. Ate Avic, picked up some seeds. I never thought that the seeds are that big, it has several coatings, I was informed. We enjoyed a lunch of Pork Sinigang, it was raining so soup is always good. But I don't appreciate ginger in Sinigang. hehe. But I love the crispy Lechon Kawali.
 We visited the town of Paracale, the place is known for the gold. We first entered the Old Church, where the stone walls are green with moss/algae which reminded me of Loboc Church. The original old steel bells still exist. We even went on top of the church and stood beside the cross and had the view of the town. And even saw the very ancient tree. 

 We visited a craftsman and saw some jewelry. We weren't able to see the silverworks, the products were on an exhibit in Manila. Too bad... Melvic said the town is already high in Mercury, that's why they can't use deep wells. They get water from other sources.

 Our next hop was at the famous Pulang Daga. At first we thought, it meant red mouse. hehe. It is a beautiful cove with deep beige sand. It must have been really beautiful without the crashing big waves. The typhoon brought the trash to the beach, so the local may have to spend some time cleaning the place. Late that afternoon, we continue to drive far. Somehow, all roads looked the same. We really felt sleepy during the long rides. We passed by a sign saying "Ipot For Sale". We had a laugh, it woke me up. We were joking, if you were asked what business you're in, you'd say" Ipot Export". But kidding aside, they sell chicken manure for fertilizers which is always good for the environment. 
 We headed for the hanging bridge in Mampurog. The river has strong current but in non-rainy days, the water is clear and shallow. The rain was really pouring, and raincoats was a fashion statement that time. As a Leo. I am a sun lover, but I loved the rain that moment. The hanging bridge is fun, anything with heights is fun.

 It's getting dark so we rushed to the Twin falls in San Felipe. We only took a very short trek, passing trough the newly planted pineapples which gave us small cuts on our legs. It was scary because it was dark. And the path is muddy. We even got stuck on a high puddle of mud. I almost panicked when I thought I wasnt able to remove my leg from it. I was imagining leeches and thank God, there are no leeches there. At the end of the path, there was a wide pool, and at the Twin Falls. The water is not clear due to the rain. It almost looked like flood water.

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