Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bagasbas Beach

That afternoon we went to Bagasbas Beach, the first surfing spot in the Philippines. It has black fine sand. At first it was scary, the water will really pull you. The whole family together with  some friends where there spending time at the beach, even Bolt, their white playful dog was there running freely. We did swim embracing the waves, the water is shallow. There were some surfers and there were some guys on skimboards. We even met with surfer dude, the nickname we gave our chef. We even snacked on fish balls and kikiam.

This travel is really exciting and fun. It's truly an authentic Bicol Experience with the help of the typhoon. Sometimes we need to accept what's there and be open to new experiences. All in all this trip is awesome. We did't need the sun to bring on the sunshine, it's just a state of mind. Melvic and the guys are really accommodating; they didn't give up on us even if the weather is tough.Thanks again for Plan B. They have spoiled us. Everything was just laid out for us. I'm not used to that. They made us felt comfortable and safe during the whole trip for which we are grateful. To Ma'am Cinch, my Ate,  thanks for giving us the chance to indulge our interests on your birthplace. It was really one of a kind. To Kuya Boboc, Ate Onia and the whole family, even Bolt and Muning (it’s a dog by the way), thanks for opening your doors to us. To Ate Avic and Kuya Peter, one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met, I'm looking forward to traveling with you both again. And to my parents, friends and even my boss, who checked on us, thanks for the concern. You know me; I'm hearing the word "addict" more often than I have too. Thanks for understanding, that this is what makes me happy. A piece of advice, don't compromise on things that can make you happy, even if the skies brings you a typhoon. :) And Calaguas, you're still on our list.

To tell you how strong the typhoon was, when we got back to the Resort from island hopping, Albay were declared state of calamity because of Typhoon Dante.

By the way, you're free to reach Mr. Melvic Brinas just visit his site:

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