Friday, April 10, 2009

Boracay's Hidden Beaches

I've been to Boracay twice before, so now I was looking forward to something new. Before I was thinking of hiking Mt. Luho, but we didn't have a chance to do so. I heard about the other beaches. After having a massage at the beach while drinking Avocado shake. We girls took a trike to Bulabog Beach, it's an interesting one. The beach is wide, there are not so many facilities. It is so laid back. The wind is blowing hard, the crown of coconut trees bent backwards.

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is the seat of kiteboarding. The foreigners enjoyed it. Actually, the sport is quite inviting, using the natural power of air to make you fly.

We walked to the nearby beach called Tulubhan Beach. Met some locals picking shelfish.

Tulubhan Beach

  We walked towards a small pathway and was able to see the Dead Forest with a mangroves thriving in a small lagoon.

Dead Forest

  It was already late in the afternoon, we thought of going to another beach which they call Ilig-Iligan Beach. The trike driver was not so familiar with the place but when we reached the place he realized he's been there. It's a less known beach, an escape. I think it's a lovely place because it faces the sun rise.

Ilig-Iligan Beach

It's almost like Puka Beach with crushed corals and bits and pieces of shells. We even passed by Korean tourists on the buggy. The place is hard to reach, due to rough roads and you have to climb a hill to get there. When I was taking a photo of the scenery, I had a deja vu. It's a weird feeling. Maybe it meant that I'm on the right path or I have ended a stage in my life.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Boracay The Usual Spots

Boracay, it's bliss being there and if you haven't been there well, too see is to believe, I guess. Most people get annoyed for it has been commercialized in the past few years. It's a good thing that the governement took hold on the problem so constructions are limited nowadays. We arrived in island in the busiest week of the year, Holy Week. Everyone would cringe just thinking of that situation.

We enjoyed staying in the island, and most time veering off to parts where there are almost no tourists. You might think it's impossible on such a very busy week, well, not really.Firstly, if you want to bathe in the clear waters without the algae, go to station 1, where the sand is at its whitest and far from the crowd of station 2.

Our first activity was to swim until our skin burn in the heat of the sun, which is very easy to do around the islands. No sunblock can save us. And in the afternoons, stroll along the vast beach or visit "shops" which sells almost anything. It was Holy Week so we had to do some penance, we walked from station 2 to 3 that wonderful afternoon while watching the sunset. The sand at station 3 is finer, and the rest houses has more "character" to it. I loved the white cottage with sprawling Bougenville at its facade. It's kind of romantic, a place where you will really feel cozy. We got a bit thirsty, and to our luck we have found the cheapest Mango shake in the island, only 25Php.

I always liked Boracay, it always has a festive aura. You can choose to be part of the crowd or you can choose to escape it all. You have freedom to do what you want.  You can come as you are. It's a melting pot of races.

The next day we rented a boat to take us snorkeling  Snorkeling can be fun, if and only if you don't get swallowed by big waves. You can find little green fish and colorless corals. My office mates enjoyed swimming around. 

 The boat man took us to Puka Beach. One of my favorite places, one of which I will always love. As I said it never fails. Puka Beach is far from the resorts, restaurants and shops. It's a nice place to stay when you need to be alone, but then again there are the vendors selling beads, shell, etc. It's even nice to see a Halo-Halo vendor, with that heat it's better than water.
 On our way back to the white beach, we passed by Shangri-la, which occupied the Punta Bunga cove. We even saw the rumored Manny Pacquiao rest house which has a unique architecture.
Puka Beach

That night we in search of something interesting. We saw Hale in concert and saw some Poi fire dancers. There were really so many tourists that night, the pathways are packed. We met with the guys at our beach front. Had beer and some junk food, watch the sea under a full moon. Sometimes the best thing to do in a vacation is to do absolutely nothing. It's nice to let the island swallow you whole.