Sunday, March 15, 2009

Matutinao Badian

From the cloudy skies of Surigao, we flew to Cebu. The Princess of the Visayan region. It was scorching hot when we reached the airport. After lunch we headed to Cebu downtown, there we had to wait for the Bus going to Badian. The bus station experience was overwhelming. It was a Friday so it was packed with travelers. We boarded our non-airconditioned bus, took a 3 hours trip to the Southern part of Cebu. Ma'am Cinch was the first to unravel the secrets of that place. With so much interest we scheduled this trip months in advance.

It was raining that night when we reached our little neat cottage. We woke up early that morning to watch the sunrise. It was magnificent to see the moon, with a rainbow and soft playful clouds playing on the horizon.

  It's also lovely to watch the fishermen effortlessly pulling their nets. It looked as if they're dancing gracefully. It's the simplest things in life that make me smile on that beautiful day. 
 I saw my sister always playful. I saw her on knee deep water. She was busy looking for starfish. I already saw starfishes in Bohol but not as many as the ones we saw there in Badian. Though the sea and beach doesn't look so clean due to dead corals, the sea is still rich. It was low tide that time so we were able to walk through the water, there are sea urchins and little fish.

 We even met a local who taught us how to eat sea urchins. My sis did taste it though.

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