Monday, March 16, 2009

Kawasan Falls, Badian

The next day, we are all excited to go to Kawasan Falls. The path was just across the street from our huts. We hiked early in the morning when the gracious sun is peaking through the trees.   It was a dreamy morning, we're like fairies in a quite enchanted forest. The stream water is clear and very inviting. 

Tawasan Falls are divided into levels, we hiked until we reach the main source of the water. We even passed by the bridge which seemed to be a very romantic spot. We went past the dam, the water is emerald green.

First waterfall

Second Waterfall

Third Waterfall
  It was my kind of forest. Crossing the bamboo make-shift bridges was scary. We stopped over at the second waterfalls hut area to have lunch. We rented a "balsa" bamboo raft to take us to the falls and have our back massaged. It was a bit scary because the water has a very powerful force, we feared we might topple over.

The mouth of the spring

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