Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bas Daku Moalboal

After breakfast, we decided to go to Moalboal, a few minutes from Badian. We rode an ordinary bus. My sister is tall so her head hits the ceiling of the bus.
 We went to Bas Daku, (Big Sand). A white beach, with some parts having lava rocks. It was a nice spot, not too many tourists. The water clean and the not too salty. The weather was weird back then. It was scorching hot then it would rain hard. But swimming with rain is fantastic.

 We passed by the old Moalboal Church. What was left was the facade of the church.

 The three of us rode a single motorbike to reach the main road, imagine 4 of us in one bike. It is easy to roam around Cebu because you can hop on the bus that passes through their main road and it is a lot cheaper. The church of Moalboal is interesting, what's left is the facade. They already built a new church beside it instead of restoring/rebuilding it. That afternoon we had a late lunch of roasted chicken, dined fronting the sea on our cozy little hut. It's simple but it was great.

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