Thursday, January 1, 2009

Puerto Galera Beach

We were already waiting to board the ferry to Corregidor when they announced that they are canceling the trip due to rough sea waters. Hmmm... I only have 3 days left for my holiday break. I had to do something. We went for plan B, and plan B is going to Puerto Galera. The most accessible beach from Manila. After reading so much about it, it was time to recall how to get to that place. This is so we boarded a bus to Batangas City Pier. It was all unplanned and that makes it ultra exciting.

After a few hours we reached the Pier, we were thinking twice with the trip. The big ferry also canceled their trips due to rough seas. Hmmmm! With all that we have we braved the seas, we rode a boat straight to Puerto Galera. Yes, in the middle of the boat ride, it could be scary but it only took us 45 minutes, which is a good thing. It rained half of the trip. The boat took us to Muelle Bay, a wonderful serene bay. We rode a mini-cab to reach White Beach.

Upon reaching White Beach on that gloomy and windy afternoon, we settled in the room we rented. After which, we went out to discover the beach. The waves came crushing because it was windy. We were intrigued with the large rocks at the end of the beach so we explored that area. The place was a bit scary. Then we roamed to the other end of the beach. We met Azon and Isabel, old ladies offering massages and they also sell wrist bands. They are friendly, they become our buds for the rest of the trip. As Filipinos they are jolly.

Ma'am Cinch is an addict for massages, so while she had her massage, I walked to the end part of the Beach. The sand is not that fine and is made out of pebbles, some are marble chips. There's small cave now covered by sand. Before they say you can crawl to get to the other side. I even passed by boatmen, carrying the boat to shore.

 That night we ate dinner along the beach, the usual food there are grilled sea foods and pork. The pork shrank when cooked. hehe. We planned to go to Aninuan Falls the next day.

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