Friday, January 2, 2009

Aninuan Falls, Puerto Galera

It was a cold windy Saturday when we hiked up the waterfalls with our 2 guides. For their age, they walk fast. They also lived nearby the falls. We crossed the same river/stream a few times. The falls was not that high, but damn the water is ice cold. We didn't have the guts to take a swim. 

Before we returned, we passed by the Mangyan area. Mangyan's are the original tribe that lives  in Mindoro. They weaved baskets, they are not allowed to sell it at the beach area because they don't have permit. 

That night we went to Muelle Bay, because Ma'am Cinched it had a different aura. We loved the big serving of BLT sandwich and we just had pizza for take out.

Ma'am Cinch already felt that I wasn't enjoying much, because I am a Leo, I need the Sun. And any beach without the sun would not exude beauty.  That night we passed by some bars with gay people performing. They were singing and dancing. It was entertaining and funny all the same. I started to feel better. hehe.

Sunday, our last day is totally fun. God permitted the sun to shine. Early in the morning we were already in the beach taking so much of the water and of the sun. We are already getting tan. The White Beach is populated with so many foreigners, and mostly old men. I thought it was "Grandfather's Day"! just kidding. We met Beng and Dennis, also from Manila, they also braved the rough waters to have fun in the beach.

Puerto Galera is very accessible so if your summer addiction keeps on kicking up, don't think twice. But always check the weather so you would truly enjoy your stay. Don't try to go there in Holy Week, it's packed.

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