Saturday, December 6, 2008

Talicud Island Samal

On our third day, we boarded a boat straight to Isla Reta. It's a beach located at Talicud Island at IGACOS(Island Garden City of Samal). We left at 9:30am. The place is nice, the white sand is a mix of fine and crushed corals. 

 We rented a smaller boat to take us island-hopping, the only problem was we didn't hop on places. They just took us around the island. It was a fret because we didn't even hop on one of the white beaches there. I think it's the longest white beach I have ever seen in my entire life. It has a beautiful tropical landscape. A very long span of white beach, no establishments, with a back drop of deep green tall Coconut trees.The view is a bit dreamy. At the end of the ride, we spend the rest of the day at Isla Reta Beach, we loved the clear waters.

That night back in City, We had dinner at Taclobo Restaurant at Jack's Ridge. It's overlooking Davao City. They displayed some large shells which were dug up at the site proving that the hill was part of the sea.

To sum up our Davao experience, though for me Davao is not yet that tourist oriented, it's OK. We did enjoy the travel. There may have been times when I really got irritated but hence that is all a part of the adventure. Maybe I'll find out more of Davao when I come back, maybe this time I would love it more.

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