Friday, December 26, 2008

Taal Volcano

That morning I met up with Ma'am Angie, Sir Steven and the group. We were traveling to Taal Volcano, listed in the book "1000 places to see before you die". We took the Cavite route, towards Tagaytay. We took the zigzag road downhill to Talisay, Batangas. Its is known as Sungay(meaning horn), because of the sharp turns. We went to Taal Yacht club, rented a boat to take us to the main island. Taal  volcano is known as "A Lake within a Volcano Within a Lake Within an Island". After lunch, we sailed on. The waters is not too friendly. We kept on tasting splashes of lake water but it was fun, like semi-white water rafting.

At the base point, there are people offering horse rides and facial masks. The path to the volcano ridge is narrow, dusty and full of horse manure. We had to steer away every time a horse passes by, which is most of the time. Many people were annoyed by it. The masks are not for the sulfur fumes we imagined but for the dust combined with horse poop. hehe. There should have been a separate path for the horses. It's sad that Department of Tourism kept on marketing our local tourism but they always take for granted infrastructures needed.  I just hope if they want the Philippines to be known for its wonders, they should have planned and done something.

There are lots of tourist from different sides of the globe, as if there is a "UN Convention". The trek is fun, and the views magnificent. It was truly worth it when we reached the mouth of the volcano. The lake inside is truly one of a kind. I was thinking it would be small but is has a very large expanse so imagine the destruction it gave during it's explosions. The main island itself has several volcanoes in it. There are more or less 14 eruptions. We also walked to the Pulang Bato(Red Rock), where sulfur vents at the sides of the rock formation.

That afternoon, too exhausted we took a short nap in a hotel in Tagaytay. And on that night we had dinner at Mushroom Burger. I ate Pancit Canton, it has a different taste and it's light.

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