Friday, December 26, 2008

Jaen, Nueva Ecija

It took us almost 4 hours, rather than the usual 2 hours to reach Jaen, Nueva Ecija. We took a short tricycle ride passing through vast expanse of rice fields.

Ms. Jo, our friend invited us for their Christmas gathering, travel addicts as we are, Ma'am Cinch and I decided to go. There were already guests when we arrived. Her house is one of the ancestral homes still prominently standing in the small town of Jaen. It was built during the early 1900's, still with the original furniture and paint.

We enjoyed a nice dinner, we also sampled their local side dish which is the "Buro". It's made out of fermented rice with fish. It is good with fried or grilled fish. After which, we had a chit-chat with her friends who are full of sense of humor.

Later that night, we visited her cousin's house, who is the Vice Mayor of Jaen. Mr. Henry took us for a tour of his house. The lattice work at the porch is in  beautiful Gothic design. He is an antique collector and he also does restoration and reproduction of antique furnishings. He owns an antique shop beside the house. He also toured us to the chapel housing some very old religious images.

When all the partying was done. the next day, we had to wake-up at 3:30am, Jeric drove us in his tricycle to the highway. It's the coldest dawn of my entire life, hehe. It was really really cold.

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  1. Hi! May I ask for the name of the antique shop please? Thank you.