Thursday, December 4, 2008

Davao City

It was almost lunch time when we left the hotel. We ate lunch at Luz Kinilaw. They offer a variety of ihaw "grilled" sea foods. We ate some Tuna belly and Tuna eggs. We're a bit shock on how big their rice servings are. It's a very old wooden restaurant, but lots of people go there. After which, we rented a cab to take us to some spots in Davao. When you say Davao, it's known for the Philippine Eagle and Durian fruit. We took off to visit the Philippine Eagle Sanctuary. There are also different species of birds in the sanctuary. Before it was called Monkey Eating Eagle because it has a carnivorous diet of eating monkeys, civets, snakes and lizards. It is one of the most powerful and biggest in the world.

We also roamed the grounds of Malagos Garden Resort. There weren't much tourists then. The place is peaceful and relaxing. We loved the aviary, where we are arms-reach with different colorful birds. They also have a petting zoo, where a very busy miniature horse munched on his meal. They also have an ostrich farm.

When you say Davao, it's known for the Philippine Eagle and Durian fruit.
One thing in Davao is the sites are too far off from each other, and the traffic in the city is bad, so we weren't able to see some other sites. That night we decided to go to People's Park. Kublai is Davao's famous artist. He adorned the park with several cute and whimsical creations. I loved the eagle. He does his people sculptures in such a way that he gives them flat nose and round faces which depicts the Pinoy.


  1. I'm drawn to visit Davao one day. Sigh.

  2. It's one of the places I always go back to, it has so much to offer. :)