Monday, July 28, 2008

Clarke Quay & Singapore Garden Show

Day 4 July 28 Last Day

We went back to Sentosa for the Underwater World then went to Clarke Quay, it's a bit of a ghost town during the day, I think it's beautiful during the night. 

We ate lunch at a nearby mall.  I'm never good at chop sticks. I was impressed because I was able to finish the noodles really fast. I'm not even a noodles lover but I love their noodles, it's tomato based. It has a light taste. Ma'am Cinch and I get to enjoy the half & half squid balls, which really looked whole judging the menu boards.

We are lucky because there was a Singapore Garden Show. I loved flowers, plants and everything nature, so i was really looking forward to it. The exhibits are fantastic, unique and very modern. I also found some flower which I'm not familiar with, it's quite exquisite. We also loved the Orchid Show. Any girl would love to be surrounded with so much flowers.

Our flight back to the Phil was only a few hours away. We had to buy "pasalubong". We heard about Mustafa so we decided to go there. It's fun shopping there. It is a small building filled with so much goods. I think it has almost everything squeezed in it. And before going home, we even shopped at Causeway Mall.

Our trip to Singapore is totally fun. There are the "first times", like eating Indian food, and celebrating my bday with new set of family and friends. It is fun to be treated as a family by the lovely relatives of Ma'am Cinch, which I am really grateful for. And it's also fun to have met good old friends there. And friendship doesn't know distances or time lines. And I'm really happy to have met a new travel buddy, Ma'am Cinch.

My view of Sing before was it's a stiff and stressful place but seeing and experiencing being there clears out my picture of it. It's modern yet it's laid back.

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