Monday, July 28, 2008

Clarke Quay & Singapore Garden Show

Day 4 July 28 Last Day

We went back to Sentosa for the Underwater World then went to Clarke Quay, it's a bit of a ghost town during the day, I think it's beautiful during the night. 

We ate lunch at a nearby mall.  I'm never good at chop sticks. I was impressed because I was able to finish the noodles really fast. I'm not even a noodles lover but I love their noodles, it's tomato based. It has a light taste. Ma'am Cinch and I get to enjoy the half & half squid balls, which really looked whole judging the menu boards.

We are lucky because there was a Singapore Garden Show. I loved flowers, plants and everything nature, so i was really looking forward to it. The exhibits are fantastic, unique and very modern. I also found some flower which I'm not familiar with, it's quite exquisite. We also loved the Orchid Show. Any girl would love to be surrounded with so much flowers.

Our flight back to the Phil was only a few hours away. We had to buy "pasalubong". We heard about Mustafa so we decided to go there. It's fun shopping there. It is a small building filled with so much goods. I think it has almost everything squeezed in it. And before going home, we even shopped at Causeway Mall.

Our trip to Singapore is totally fun. There are the "first times", like eating Indian food, and celebrating my bday with new set of family and friends. It is fun to be treated as a family by the lovely relatives of Ma'am Cinch, which I am really grateful for. And it's also fun to have met good old friends there. And friendship doesn't know distances or time lines. And I'm really happy to have met a new travel buddy, Ma'am Cinch.

My view of Sing before was it's a stiff and stressful place but seeing and experiencing being there clears out my picture of it. It's modern yet it's laid back.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jurong Bird Park & Sentosa

Day 3 July 27 Bday! 

 It was early in the morning when my friends from the Phil greeted me, but my Globe roaming didn't work, out of all the days. After breakfast we went to Jurong Bird Park. The place is packed. We weren't able to watch the bird show but we enjoyed petting the Lories. It's quite cool to be face to face with such birds. They're cute and colorful. I'm a bird lover so I enjoyed the park so much. There are so many species to see.

After Jurong, we met with the family at Sentosa. It was early afternoon when we reached the bus station at Harbor Front. We ate at the food stalls there. What I love about Singapore is that when you say open air doesn't mean "flies" instead they have birds. 

When we met the girls at Beach Station. We went to different sites, including the Palawan Beach which is far from the beauty of the beaches here. Ships are near the beach, so you may think twice before you dip in. The breeze up the viewing deck is fantastic. There are so many tourist around.

Before night time, we went to fall in line to watch Songs of the Sea. Before that we sampled yummy ice cream. I ate Mint chocolate my favorite. Songs of the Sea is totally cool. It's a laser and lights show, it was a bit windy so the image isn't that clear. It's a great show. At the middle of the show, Neil and Ojing got to join us. They are my friends from our client company. We don't see ever so often but it's great to see them once again.

We met with the others at Vivo City. We had a lovely birthday dinner. We enjoyed hot pot. We ended the night with a sweet dessert.Neil and Ojing brought me a birthday cake. If it is architecture, it is best described as deconstructive. Neil was eagerly "renovating" it.  I also had to blow the cake twice for photo's sake. Ate Nini is the expert so she is clicking away. She even got to take beautiful photos at Sentosa.  It was customary to wish before blowing the candle, & what popped out in my mind was "I wished everybody to be happy!" After dinner was small chitchat and photo taking. It was one of my most fun birthday. I was the first time I celebrated it without my family but I did enjoyed the company of my adopted family there. It was also the first time I celebrated it with new bunch of friends. To sum it all up, it was a fun heart warming birthday.

Friday, July 25, 2008

First Trip Singapore

Day 1 July 25
 I met with Ma'am Cinch at the airport, she is my new travel buddy. We reached Singapore in 3 hours, the climate was same as ours. We took a cab to Woodlands, it seemed old but it's well maintained not like the smelly taxis back home. At noon, we met with gregarious Yaya, who was taking Bea & Mia to school. Hungry, we ate at an open area with lots of food stalls which they call Kopi Tiam. We ate what we thought is fish, and some mushy veggie which somehow tasted good. That fish turns out to be a Stingray.

That afternoon, it drizzled a bit. We met with Kuya Ninoy. This time we took the MRT to Bugis and took a bus to Sim Lim Square(gadgets galore). Our first day was to buy gadgets, and for real it's really cheaper in Singapore. After which, Kuya Ninoy treated us with a very nice dinner at Plaza Singapura. We ate at Ichiban Sushi, the food is great and filling. The best part is when we ended the dinner with Saki. I loved it, its clear and crisp.

That night, we took the MRT back home, we met with the lovely family, Ate Nini, Sinta, Mitchie and their friends. The room was filled with their warmness and it was festive also. They were singing when we arrived. Ma'am Cinch and I were really tired that night. And before dozing off, Yaya treated us with Roti Prata with condensed milk. It was a simple but tasty treat.

Day 2 July 26

 That morning, I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of fried dried fish, while Ma'am Cinch ate her luncheon meat with sugar. With full tummies, we went roaming around again this time to Funan Digital Mall. Then went to Sim Lim again. Then went to Esplanade to meet up with Rina, our sweet good friend. The Esplanade has a very interesting architecture. It's like a giant Durian, and good enough it doesn't smell like one.

 After her work, she took us to all too famous Merlion. I remembered when she told me she already have a tourist route. Then we ran off to the Night Safari. It was really humid and hot that night. The queues are long. But we enjoyed the tram ride at the Night Safari, even though we don't get to see much. But there are really interesting animals there; the giant rat, the elephant and the sleeping rhinos. For dinner we ordered some satays, sting ray, and Indian food. The Indian food isn't spicy as we expected it to be but the sting ray is really really spicy. And because of it, Ma'am Cinch had to drink glasses of cola.