Saturday, July 28, 2007

San Vicente Palawan Islands

Saturday, the Best Day

I woke early again to watch the sunrise, it's more beautiful now. The colors ranges from pink, orange, yellow, a bit of purple and bright blue skies. The island is so magnetic that we don't want to leave. 

We had our breakfast, Grace with pancakes and I had the home made bread which is really good. It is crusty on the outside and soft and dense on the inside. Kuya Abi, took us island hopping. He is actually a native of Ilocos. 

For our first island, we went to Exotic Island. Where little kids freely play and for them their beach is a common everyday thing. The sand is a bit grainy and has little shells. 

Then we went to Albaguen Island, an uninhabited beach. It has very fine white sand and the most beautiful turquoise water. I wished we could stay longer but we had limited time. 

Then we headed for Blue Cove, a beach resort still under construction. We had a chit-chat with the caretakers who aren't natives of Palawan. The old man is from Pasig and the bartender is from Cavite. I can't blame them, if they chose to live there. I myself can leave everything and migrate to a private island. They say everything is simple and cheap there.

 We continued our boat trip, we passed by Double/German Island owned by a German of course, which is a private resort. We weren't able to see Long Beach, the longest beach in the Philippines.

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