Sunday, July 29, 2007

Puerto Princesa

Sunday, headed home

It was our last day in Palawan, we stayed at Casa Linda. Like any other day I woke up early before sunrise. It rained all night. I went up the street to take a pic of the main road. It is pretty site, with big Acacia Trees at both sides of the road with their canopies sprawling towards its center. 

We went for pasalubong shopping at the market. We bought cashews. And I bought a bunch of sea foods that will be cooked athome. Though I love fish, I’m not good with names, and occasionally their already cooked when I eat them, so I really don't know what they look like when raw. I just asked the vendor for which is which. I ended up buying maya-maya and lapu-lapu, as requested by my father. I also bought prawns and small lobsters/crawfish. Palawan is known for sea foods, especially crabs. I'm allergic to them, but sometimes when it's really fresh I don't get an itch.  I had them all packed in a box at the market for an amount which I'm not sure if it’s cheap or not, and I also had to pay for the labor. What I know is that the seafood are cheaper here than in Manila.  

With few hours left, we hurried to the airport only to learn that with our heavy baggage, there are no trolleys available. And besides the airport is in need of renovation, it's near dilapidation. It's ironic that the government is pushing on with tourism, but they have neglected the main gateway to the areas they so called "WOW" places. My father even told me that the air force was the one who built the runway, is he telling me that the airport or part of it, is that old?! They just had to rebuild or renovate it.

We're looking forward to going home and seeing our families, but part of us wanted to stay longer, in my case, I wanted to "live" there. 

All in all, we celebrated our birthdays in a fun new way, discovered new places, met new people, learned about lives, friendships forged and fears conquered. I've heard somewhere that a real traveler has no plans on where and when to arrive. I guess I'll be that for the rest of my life.

I've always love to be around nature, especially, tropical islands. My friend Grace and I dreamt of owning and managing our own island resort. Nothing's impossible. She always asks me to sketch up the plans. I can't blame if almost all the folks we talked with are not native of Palawan, I can't blame them, and it’s easy to fall in love with the place. I myself would do it, if ever there comes a time and opportunity. Living there is simple and stuff there is cheap and everything's fresh.

I would truly miss lazing at the beach. I'll miss dusting off the sand from my sandals. I'll miss the bright blue and also the rain clouds.

I'll miss the people and the food. I guess I will miss everything. It was a short trip but it was all worth it. Grace and I are both thankful that instead of giving us a slice of cake for our birthday, God gave us a slice of paradise. And it really tasted goooood. 

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