Thursday, July 26, 2007

Port Barton To Cacnipa Island

Thursday, Grace's B'day

It's totally relaxing. The long trip was well worth it.We reached Puerto Princesa past 9 that Thursday morning. We rode a tricycle to San Jose Terminal and with luck on our side; we caught the trip to Port Barton, San Vicente. I've never saw such big jeep i my entire life, we literally have to stretch up our legs to reach the seat up front. 

The almost 4 hours trip is a feast for the eyes. It was a scenic tour through the never-ending concrete highway. The drop-off and pick-ups was a bit of a hassle, we're just all too excited to reach P.B. A portion of the road lies around the hills beside the sea. When we reached the junction, it gave us the feeling that we're near our destination but it's still 22 kms to Port Barton. It was rough road from then on. The ride itself is an adventure. We had a flat tire; it reminded me of race car drivers in the middle of a race. Our dinosaur jeep has its own crew; I wonder what Schumacher will  to say about that. Four to five men leaped out from the roof of the jeep, scurrying off and changing the big tire as if they were born with the skill, or let's just say they're all too familiar with the situation. Sometimes they would push or pull whatever it takes to gear up the engine.

We passed by 2 green rivers which takes out the uniqueness of Loboc and mountains covered with trees that seem to be untouched. At our right is the mountain wall covered with ferns and the ravine on our left. And who can forget about the muddied road covering a portion of the road. We drove along with the help of the crew not once but 4 times actually. The mud is deep; it reached up to mid of the big tires. It's too much suspense every time we ran over one. We almost got stuck on one; I was staring at the tire, as if it's rotating in pools of Wendy's Frostee. I was just really damn hungry that. I finally knew why the jeep has too be that "BIG".

At last we saw the view of the calm blue sea. We reached Port Barton past 3pm, at the time when almost all boatmen were at siesta or just had a big drinking party the night before. PB is surrounded by blue South China Sea and kissed with golden sands, sprinkled with coconut trees all around.  It's a quiet town in between Puerto Princesa and El Nido, and is also accessible via Sabang on the south. 

We shared a trip to Cacnipa Island with a couple from Israel. The 45 mins. boat trip was a breeze. We passed by several islands, some populated and mostly uninhabited. Tired and very hungry, we reached our island resort. It is quiet and almost empty just the way I liked it. The cream colored sandy beach is adorned with tall proud coconut trees. The native huts gathered along the further part of the resort. And now we're alive and feeling the island vibe. I love the lush green bermuda grass. 

With so much excitement, after taking our backpacks in our own private hut, we changed to our swim wears and ran towards the sea and lounge at the warm waters. It's totally relaxing. The long trip was well worth it. We decided to stay at the island and say El Nido can wait. The sand is fine, there are small crabs along shore playing hide and seek with us. The beach has very interesting geological features, vertical sharp lime rocks and round river stones. That night we ate pancit guisado, it's Grace's b'day; a Filipino thing for long life. And we enjoyed our meal with Calamansi juice. I jokingly asked the cook if she used a dozen, because it was too tangy, she said she only filled half of the glass with it. Yikes. Grace asked for sugar and I asked for more water. I guess they just knew we lack vit C. If you check out their menu, you'll be surprised that they offer Italian food and what's ironic is they don't have fresh seafood available. But we requested for them. What's an island without fresh seafood?

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